RPA not a fad

One of the things I heard when I first learnt about Robotic Process Automation or RPA was “Automation is not a fad”. I strongly believe it is not a fad and here to stay for a long time and will evolve into something bigger and better. The more and more I learnt and studied about RPA I am convinced. There are a number of RPA software products like Blue Prism, UIPath, Automation Anywhere, WinAuto, WorkFusion and many more. I have personally used Blue Prism and WinAuto for use cases on my projects. It was unbelievable to see the RPA being able to login to VPN / applications, monitor alerts / batches, read excel sheets, read emails and make phone calls depending on the time of the day to the right person just like a human being would. We have RPA on my projects for other use cases to do application sanity checks, monitor and take corrective actions for failed processes like restart, retry etc. The possibilities are endless. It’s super easy to learn and I can vouch for it as I was able to learn 2 RPA tools all on my own watching video tutorials and developers using it and of course hands on experience.

Many years ago, it was not uncommon for people in IT to list MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint as skills on their resumes. Today, no one lists these as skills. It’s assumed everyone knows it and really everyone does or at least figures out. Today people do list RPA software as skills on their resumes. I foresee that in a few years’ time, RPA software will also be a skill that all IT professional will stop listing on their resumes just like what has happened to MS office tools. Everyone will know one or more RPA tools as a basic minimum. RPA tools probably will be installed on all enterprise laptops or desktops as digital assistants for all employees just like MS Office tools are today.

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