Great quotes from workplaces

The workplace is a great source of words which inadvertently turn out to be great quotes. Although some statements were made to mean something in a specific context, they could mean multiple things and some even lessons of life when analyzed on its own beyond the context in which it was made. Here are some quotes that have happened in my work sphere in the recent past. I would like to hear any great quotes that you may have from your workplace.

“Real answers – Real quick”

“We have no problems – only opportunities”

“We got a heart transplant while running a marathon”

“Not being mean but being real”

“Don’t Spray and Pray”

“Not taking a risk is a risk in itself”

“Just in time to just in case”

“First to click or First to pick”

“One more or Once more has a big difference”

“Diversity is a fact, Inclusion is a choice”

“I don’t want to be politically correct, but just correct

“Better to lose sleep than lose face”

“The journey is more beautiful than the destination”

“Before COVID you were only as good as your team and now you are only as good as your wifi”

“It’s not the numbers but the impact that matters”

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